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The sites listed here have been found to excel in what they do.
We do not often make recommendations but feel totally at ease doing so with the following sites.

Get active visitors from Hungry For Hits!

A lot of traffic exchanges advertise how many members they have, but how does that matter if it was years since most of them even logged on? How does that matter if the advertisers aren't getting any results? What you want to look for is the activity in the present!

Hungry For Hits is unique, because it displays all site activity stats in detail to all members. What other big advertising sites do this? Any at all? No. Join HungryForHits You can use our built in, easy to use tracking service, to verify that size doesn't really matter - activity does. Compare us! You will find out why we are on top of rankings and member votes!

  • ✅ Website, banner and text link advertising
  • ✅ Startpages and featured Ad spotlight
  • ✅ Top 10 programs page
  • ✅ Splashpage creator
  • ✅ Downline builder
  • ✅Downline mailer
  • ✅ Promo codes, games, rewards, bingo, daily events and a brilliant affiliate program.

Check out Hungry For Hits, test it and compare!


Michael Kelly

P.S. I am a Lifetime Gold Member of HungryForHits. I paid for this upgrade in Cash and I reap the rewards of that decision every day!

Zaney Clicks

If you love promos, winning credits, cash, upgrades, referrals - then you will love it here Zaney Clicks

P.S. I purchase my Pro Membership from ZaneyClicks 6 months at a time for $40 because they do not sell a Lifetime Membership.

Hits VooDoo

Chris Deffenbaugh (aka bassvoodoo) after surfing for many years decided it was time to open his own traffic exchange. He wanted to incorporate into his TE the things he saw and liked from surfing hundreds of TE's over the years. Thus a servant of the Traffic Spirits has now opened HitsVoodoo. Check it out: HitsVooDoo

Free members get an 8 second timer with a 2:1 surf ratio. Dynamic Surfing, the more you surf the more credits you earn per click. Progressive Sign-up bonuses and all members can earn commissions. When the Traffic Spirits are pleased HitsVoodoo will grow with new features being added regularly. The Traffic Spirits are continuously working towards your success.

Join HitsVoodoo Today!


Michael Kelly

P.S. I am a JV Partner of HitsVooDoo. Chris is a Platinum Member here at Mikes Links and I sought him out as a partner because I was very happy with his site in the past as a full upgraded member. I am happy with our arrangement. You can read my review of Hits VooDoo at HitsVoodoo Review although it does need to be updated.

Actual Hits 4 U

Cash bonus and credit reward is on during Pre-launch of our new TRAFFIC EXCHANGE.

P.S. I am a Lifetime PAID member of ActualHits4U and we also have an arrangement where we are swapping ads, our arrangements are too new to judge yet, but they would not be listed here if I was unhappy with them.


Amazing traffic exchange systems and scripts. Our traffic exchange was purchased from these guys, all we can say is, WOW.

P.S. This is the place that the Mikes Links script came from. This Script is different and I like it. I do also own a copy of LFMTE and a Lifetime License for it. For all of the LFTME netwoking advantages and prebuilt addons I chose to use this one, if that says anything.