What is Mikes Links Traffic Exchange...

Mike Links is an Advertising Venue or place where members come to promote thier own websites and offers and in exchange view Website and offers from other members.

We have both Free Members and Upgraded Members.

  • Free members earn a minimum of 1 view for every 2 websites they visit. This is where you should start and see if our Traffic Exchange is for you. If you have more time than money you want the Free Account.

  • Upgraded Members, Silver, Gold and Platinum Levels are more efficient for the member and provide the money to meet the expenses of the Traffic Exchange If you have more money than time you want an upgraded account.

What else you should know...

What you get out of using Mikes Links is dependant on both how much effort you put into it and the quality of the message you are advertising.

Either way Traffic Exchanges (like Commercials and Classified Ads) and are not the most effective way to promote your business. If you have a Personal Network Relationship Marketing is FAR more effective

About OUR Traffic Exchange...

Update February 26th, 2020. Just 22 days and we now have 44 actual users (plus 2 test accounts and 3 who have never verified thier email), and 10 of us are surfing Mikes Links most days!

I know 22% active members doesn't sound like much but if I add up all of my downline members across the web I think they would add up to around 1000 total and less than 4% of them are active in a month and as far as I can tell they are always the same members.

This Months Deal!

1. Enter 5 URL's,

2. Surf 1000 sites during February and I'll upgrade you for free to a Gold Membership for the Month of March!

(If you complete the above AND get 5 personal referrals during February and I'll Upgrade you to Platinum instead!)

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